Washington County Model Aviation Association Inc.



AMA Charter #1779



Membership Application


Current American Modelers Association (AMA) Membership is required to be able to fly at Mingo Creek Park

or other club sanctioned events.

Club dues are $35.00 per year plus an initiation fee of $20.00 for adult members.

Junior members (16 years old and under) pay $5 a year plus and initiation fee of $5. 

Dues are payable by January 1.   A Mingo park permit is needed for each flying

member. These can be obtained through the Washington County Parks and

Recreation Department, first floor of Court House square in Washington Pa.


Name______________________________________________________________ Date of birth ______________________


AMA No.___________  Street Address _____________________________________________________________________


County _________________ City and State ________________________________________  Zip Code _______________


Home Phone _____________________ Cell _________________________   e-mail address _________________________


Occupation ___________________Place of employment ________________________________________________________



Modeling Interest

Pattern           Scale             Old timer        Soaring             Racing        Sport          Electric         Free Flight


U-Control               Rubber              Helicopters           Boats            Cars          Other _____________________



Present Equipment

Aircraft _________________________   ___________________________________ _________________________________


Engines _________________________  __________________________________   _____________________________


Radio __________________________    __________________________________   ________________________________


Frequency/s/Channels ________   ________    _________  __________   _________   __________  ___________ _________



The above applicant is recommended by the following (2) members in good standing:


Name _______________________________ AMA Number __________________    Date ___________________


Name _______________________________   AMA Number __________________    Date ___________________


Application Date _______________    Membership Fee __________________    Initiation Fee _______________


Membership____________________   Approved by _______________________________________(Officer)



Membership Application (WEB) 06/2007

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